Elegant Simplicity | A couple that loves to create #John+Sherri - www.elegantsi.com

With boundless enthusiasm + natural talent, we began Elegant Simplicity in 2009 + haven’t looked back. As a couple who loves to create, we challenge each other, learning something new everyday. Defying the status quo, we've flipped the design world on its head + redefined what working together as husband + wife is all about. 

It's like a fountain of gold!

Over the past seven years, our self-reflective creative process has evolved into a uniquely brilliant + effortless journey that's completely dialed into you... I am home.

From paralyzing decisions to getting organized + navigating your way through an entire remodel project, we’re with you every step of the way because life is already complicated + Lets face it…  being confused sucks. 

As an interior design firm that specializes in clutter therapy, we don't simply organize spaces ...we 'teach' wildly successful, confident + reluctantly overwhelmed women like yourself, how to achieve mental clarity + create the jealousy-inducing life you crave. 

We just happen to understand the psychology of home + how to make your home feel like a guilty pleasure...

Lets work together!