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Getting Started | STEP 2: Clutter Therapy Discovery Meeting #OrganizingRoadmap -

Shortly after our initial Clarity Call we’ll book a 1-hr. in home DISCOVERY MEETING.

During this time, we’ll walk through your home looking at all the clutter-challenged areas while talking about daily routines, things you may have already tried + identifying what works (or rather doesn't work) about the space.  Towards the end of the Discovery Meeting, we’ll sit down evaluate where our help is need, prioritize your goals + like magic, we'll create an #OrganizingRoadMap for us to follow throughout the entire process.


Getting Started | STEP 2: Clutter Therapy Discovery Meeting #OrganizingRoadmap -

From creating clutter-free systems to helping your find the perfect storage solutions, our job is to help you think outside of the box, create a clear focus + answer all of the burning questions that keep you up at night!  

In other words, we're gonna have fun!

Getting Started | STEP 2: Clutter Therapy Discovery Meeting #OrganizingRoadmap -

By mapping out exactly how to get started + where to go from there, you can easily decide which projects you’d like to tackle on your own + which areas you’d like our help to guide you. Either-way, by the end of the Discovery Meeting we're able to guess-timate the # of hours it'll take to complete your project + begin scheduling your organizing sessions!


Zinging with excitement + eager to get the ball rolling, grab your calendar, collect your thoughts + lets get better acquainted!


I'd LOVE to schedule a video chat to learn more about your project goals -- while sipping on a hot cup of cocoa!